The Chiropractic Doctors' Association of Hong Kong



Dr. Eric Chu, CDAHK Chairman attending the opening ceremony of Life University Roma.

Congratulations Italy, which will have their own chiropractic program in Rome, Italy.

Dr. John Williams, President of Italian Chiropractic Association, had approached Life University, on behalf of the association to explore a partnership leading to the establishment in Rome of an accredited and widely recognized Doctor of Chiropractic Program. When open, in conjunction with LINK University, LIFE Rome will offer the same high quality of education – in English – available to students on the LIFE campus in Atlanta. Nowhere is such a presence more important than in Europe, where chiropractic has been practiced for years, but largely stripped of its philosophical underpinnings. Thanks for the effort from Dr. Williams, AIC, and Senator Lusi, chiropractic will soon have the European foothold it needs to increase understanding of both its principles and its potential as an integral part of the healthcare landscape.