The Chiropractic Doctors' Association of Hong Kong


TRG世界脊醫學院聯會 美國年會

Hong Kong Chiropractic, as a part of The Rubicon Group with 5 chiropractic schools since 2012, we are committed to meet physically every 6 month in following considerable review of the literature, the profession's past and current circumstances, articulated a model of subluxation that is evidence-based, clinically relevant, testable and philosophically congruent. It is now our pleasure to bring a thorough presentation and discussion of this model to Chiropractic in North America. In like manner, we explored the roots of Vitalism throughout history and the development of what is known today as neo-vitalistic thought as an articulating framework consistent with contemporary perspectives of quantum mechanics and neuroscience. We seek to bring these insights, from a range of disciplines, to the needs of the chiropractic profession in 2018.

These perspectives are embraced under the umbrella of healthy living.

Each of these areas of understanding has power to help humankind. It is our perspective that by uniting these approaches we catalyze a logarithmic enhancement of the power of each into the power of all.

Change will happen Hong Kong. You can stand on the sideline and watch it happen, or you can be a part of making it happen and making it happen in a way that better serves humankind-let's catalyze!