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The Rubicon Conference held in Atlanta GA in May, 2018. After being held in London, Switzerland and Australia, The Rubicon Group brought the conference, with Life University, to Atlanta GA. As an emerging member, we are proud of be part of the Rubicon movement. Here is the recap of what we did in the past weekend.

From start, with Dr. Bruce Lipton, to finish, with Dr. Heidi Haavik, the opportunity to learn of leading-edge neuroscience developments that will shape the future of the chiropractic discipline and profession
An interdisciplinary exposure to the concepts and world of neo-Vitalism, how these concepts have maintained their vitality over time, and how they are once again in timing and step with broader cultural and social developments
Refreshing clinical insights into the significance of the subluxation and power of the adjustment from academic, clinician-scientists, as well as clinicians such as Dr. Dan Murphy, Dr. Michael Longyear and Dr. Dan Sullivan
A greater appreciation for the power of lifestyle on health and well-being offered in a real-world, real patient, real change environment
An insight into the global expansion of Chiropractic from the presidents and principals of five Rubicon institutions, bringing you a glimpse into trends emerging in other regions that hold the potential to impact the profession globally
The power of leadership, how change happen, and how every one of us has the power to be a change agent in our lives, homes, communities and beyond
The Law of Unintended Consequences is a remarkable and dispassionate rule. In 2018, who would have thought that what we know in the United States as “the opioid crisis” would have created an opportunity for the profession to be viewed as a needed answer in a critical moment just as the knowledge and understanding of the neuroscience underpinning the profession begins to explode in such a remarkably positive manner.

The Rubicon Conference has created an amalgam of chiropractors, evolutionary biologists, quantum theorists, sociologists, neuroscientists, philosophers, educators and visionaries with the goal of bringing laser-focused attention and intention to the contribution that the chiropractic profession can make on behalf of humankind.

The unintended consequence medicine has brought to the American people in the form of opiate use, misuse and addiction is crossing paths with an era of compassion and respect for the dignity of the individual. Now, big-data and new insights into human function and malfunction has created another never-before-seen confluence. The exploration of that coming together is at the heart of the Rubicon Conference and The Rubicon Group.