The Chiropractic Doctors' Association of Hong Kong




Lots of vendors will participate!

International Guest Speakers including Dr Jay Handt will be joining our up coming AGM, Stay Tuned!

About Dr Jay Habndt:

Board of Trustees member Dr. Jay Handt, a graduate of New York Chiropractic College, is a founding member of LIFEforce and the New York Chiropractic Council, a New Beginnings board member and a partner in the InnerWinners Seminars. He has been an unwavering supporter of LIFE’s President’s Circle and loves being a facilitator at LIFE Leadership Weekends, helping prospective students discover how Chiropractic fits in their lives. His wife Mrs. Kathi Handt is a member of the league of Chiropractic Women, and both his son Dr. Josh Handt and daughter Dr. Morgan Handt are also chiropractors.

Dr. Jay Handt discusses the law of cause and effect and how uniting as a profession will influence everyone around us. As our message gets larger and larger it will become impossible to ignore.

Venue and Time: TBC