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Dancing requires a great deal of your body during the actual act of it, as well as before and after. While dancing, the brain and nervous system are working diligently on balance and coordination of various movements of multiple muscles and limbs all at once. Better coordination and balance contributes to greater precision and accuracy in making crisp movements.

As the official chiropractic partner for the Hong Kong Challenge Cup Dance Competition 2018, we ensure muscles used while dancing need to be strong and flexible. Such strength and flexibility contributes to accuracy and precision, but even more so to increased endurance and injury prevention.

The objectives of the Hong Kong Challenge Cup are to promote dance culture, and to provide a platform for practice and experience sharing for young dancers and professionals. The events are opened for both local and overseas participants. All contestants, parents and teachers are welcomed to participate our challenging events.

Date: 19-23 July 2018 (Thursday-Monday)
19-21 July for Cross Strait Four Regions Division, 21-23 July for International Division, dates might be altered, subject to the number of participant.
- Ballet (Classical Ballet, Neo Classic Ballet and Modern Ballet)
- Jazz (Modern Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical and Hip Hop)