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Degenerative disease of the lumbar spine is often ignored as a potential cause of testicular pain because the exact link between the two remains uncertain. This article reports the case of a 60-year-old man with a 3-year history of low back pain and unexplained right testicular pain for 2 years. Painful symptoms were negatively affecting his social, physical, and sexual functions. After failure to achieve pain relief through multiple types of therapy, the patient sought chiropractic treatment for his condition. Lumbar spine magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed disc protrusion at the L1/L2, L3/L4, and L4/L5 segments causing thecal sac indentations. Due to the absence of direct testicular causes, the medical impression was chronic testicular pain (CTP) complicating lumbar disc disease. The patient experienced regular improvement in his low back and testicular pain with complete resolution of both after 8 weeks of chiropractic treatment. This article describes an overlook of the etiology of this patient’s testicular pain and a successful option in treating the patient. CTP has multifactorial etiology. An excellent treatment outcome depends heavily on recognizing the origin of the pain.