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Notable media outlets contact CDAHK for information about chiropractic and health care topics and to set up interviews with a CDAHK Chiropractor. 


Dr. Vincent Chan discussed about how chiropractic helps with symptoms like neck pain.
In the Hong Kong Economic Times, Vincent Chan, DC, discussed a new study published by the Traditional Chinese Department of Chinese University Hong Kong, that found accupunture treatment to be associated with significant improvements and 40% reduction in neck pain during the 3 months of treatment. “Neck pain patients are many times related with reversed cervical lordosis and chiropractor are found to be the experts in the neck pain management.” said Dr. Chan.

Dr. Keith Wong Discusses School bag and chiropractic
In an article on Skypost, CDAHK past committee Keith Wong, DC, responds to the overweight school bag issue with Hong Kong students. He analyzed the school bag construction and how to chose a good school bag.